Reminders - Please Drive Safely

Roadside Memorial Hood River Highway 84 Oregon WestboundDrunk Driving Roadside Memorial Vancouver Washington Hwy 14Warning to Passerby

The roadside memorial serves a variety of purposes. Firstly, they serve as reminders to motorists to slow down and or to watch for pedestrians, children playing, or bicyclists. Drivers viewing the memorial for the first time are likely more affected than regular commuters, and might be more likely to change their behavior when nearing these intersections where the memorial stands out.

Student Roadside Memorial Stark Gresham OregonAn Extension of the Grief Process

The roadside memorial also supports the family and friends of the deceased. Families want others in the community to remember what happened and a roadside memorial becomes a daily reminder to all who see it. Additionally, getting together at the place of death to decorate it, aids the healing process for those involved. Roadside memorials have become a grassroots method for communities to share their grief publicly.

Roadside Memorial Troutdale OregonTigard Roadside Memorial Drive SafelyInfluence Legislature

Sometimes candlelight vigils are held at the site of a roadside memorial to accomplish the purpose of getting the attention of a city or government body, as part of an outcry for civic safety improvements at a particular stretch of highway or location, or to reduce the speed limit.

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