New Memorial Rituals

Wayside Shrines - Hallowed Ground

To those who know of its significance, the location is hallowed ground. Often family will prefer to mourn or deliver flowers at the location of the accident over visitation to the place of burial. Some believe the place of death has more significance because it holds a connection to the spirit of the deceased; the spirit was there last, so family will visit that spot.

New Rituals - Perpetual Care of the Roadside Memorial

Another difference between a typical gravesite and a roadside memorial is that the perpetual care does not exist for the roadside memorial. The roadside memorial must be maintained by family and friends of the deceased. Many roadside memorials are refreshed annually on the anniversary of an accident, or annually on the deceased’s birthday. Flowers will be changed out, trash or other debris will be removed, and sometimes photos that have become bleached out by sunlight or otherwise weathered will be replaced.

Seasonal Roadside Memorial Updates

These photos were taken in West Linn, Oregon off of Hwy 43. As you can see, the family decorated this memorial for Christmas time and updated it when Summer began.

Seasonal Updates to Roadside Shrines

This family updated their loved one's Roadside Memorial from Christmastime to Springtime in Troutdale, Oregon.

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