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Program Philosophy

Our program objective is to train our student athletes to perform at their personal best. We do this by fostering individual player development through intensive and consistent instruction. Our year-round training program encompasses all aspects of the game. We believe our skills training is the highest-level program that student athletes can be part of. We invest in our athletes mental training with our failure recovery program. All of our student athletes participate in a high-level strength and agility program run by MaxWay Performance. We will teach athletes life skills necessary for future careers and endeavors. At Rip City USA we provide a firm but nurturing community that builds relationships and self-confidence. At Rip City USA, we are NOT a profit-first organization. We carry less players on our rosters to ensure performance-based playing time. We are committed to only fielding quality teams that are able to compete at a high level of play. Our goal is to be the organization where committed, talented and driven players want to play. Most organizations have a profit-first mentality, but at Rip City USA, we believe this is not what club sports were meant to be. At Rip City USA, we are different.

Total Program Record Fall 2022- Summer 2023


170 - 58 - 7


Summer Camp Registration!

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Where: Veterans Memorial Park at 55 South Main Street, Seabrook, NH

Skills Covered: stretching, throwing, infield, outfield, hitting, base-running, and live scrimmage game-play

Dates: June ages 8-13 (6/19-6/21) ages 5-7 (6/22-6/23), July ages 8-13 (7/17-7/19) ages 5-7 (7/20-7/21), August ages 8-13 (8/14-8/16) ages 5-7 (8/17-8/18)

Times: ages 8-10 (9:00 AM- 12:00 PM), ages 11-13 (1:00-4:00 PM), ages 5-7 (9:00-11:00 AM on TH/F only)

Instructors: Mollie Watson and Amanda Bickford 

Cost: ages 8-13 ($300 per camp) and ages 5-7 ($150 per camp)

Please contact with any questions!

Program Features

  • Fall training program
  • Winter training program
  • Spring training program
  • Players will receive a practice uniform (2 practice shirts and 1 pair of pants)
  • Players will receive a sweatshirt, equipment bag, and helmet (team name and player number will be on each item)
  • Players will receive full uniform sets
  • Free membership to the Sports Factory
  • Unlimited use of open space at the Sports Factory
  • Discount on merchandise at the Sports Factory

Contact Us

Mollie Watson

Director of Softball Operations

Phone: 978-290-7499

Find Us

The Sports Factory
6 Old Elm St
Salisbury, Mass 01952
Winter Hours (Sept 1- May 31st)
Monday–Friday: 2:00–9:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 AM -9:00 PM
Summer Hours (June 1- Aug 31st)
Monday- Friday: 10am -6pm
Saturday & Sunday  Closed (except rain days)
Facility Phone Number

About Us

Rip City USA is highly competitive sports club located on the seacoast. Our goal is to bring the best coaches and players together to push each other to perform at our highest level.

Please see our "About Us" drop down menu for more information on our program.